Kinsta chat support not working

I am logged into my Kinsta account. When I tried to start a support session using chat, I get a message saying that chat is for paying customers. We are paying customers!

Are others seeing this issue?

Here’s a screenshot of chat.



Mark Lennon

Hi @mlennon1 :wave:

Apologies for any delay in response to this forum thread. Can you email our support email from your email? If so, that should get you in touch with Support while we determine how your account isn’t able to request instant chat support despite being a paying customer.

Best regards,

Thanks. The chat message changed. We are able to chat now. No idea what caused this issue.

Hi Mark :wave:

Thank you for your reply and update/confirmation! Glad to hear that you’re able to use the chat now! :+1:
This issue has been reported to our internal team (looks like there was a recent update to our chat routing system that didn’t work correctly, so that has been paused for now), and they will check and investigate this further and to make sure it will be working properly.

In case you’re experiencing any issue reaching out to our support team via our chat system, you can still email to our support email address (as an alternative way to get in touch with our support team) :slight_smile: .

PS: Our internal devs team have implemented a permanent fix and this should work again now!


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