Local site greyed out

Just to add on:

  1. I added a new test site (test2) in devkinsta successfully. After rebooting the PC (once), this new test site (test2) could still work.

  2. The previous test site (test site) you asked me to create has suffered the same fate as the work site (Jack Sheo) I’m building.

Can’t quite recall how to attach/send config.json file to you

Hi @jacksheo, you would get that popup error if your config.json has syntax errors so missing parentheses or something.

You can click on my name and message me from my profile

You can either screenshot the part of the config.json that you changed or share the file with me and I’ll point out the issues.

Hi Kevin!

I’ve figured out what’s wrong - in the 2nd image of your 3 June post (step 3 - after), there is a comma after the sentence (hostFile) “status”: “running”.

Removing the comma after that solved the problem.

Previously you mentioned about a built-in solution for DevKinsta to just restore entries on restart… any traction with that? :slight_smile:

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Ah, great catch @jacksheo! I’ve edited the screenshot to remove the comma.

Honestly, we don’t see this issue coming up anymore with the new versions. I think a lot of the changes that have been made to the internal processes makes it so that this error doesn’t occur anymore.

This is definitely on our developers’ radar as far as errors go, though!