Make command line guest access easier

There’s no obvious way in the DevKinsta UI that tells you how to get to a command line within a given site. I see some info on how to do this in the WP-CLI section of the DevKinsta manual, but it took me a while to find that.

We’ve got an SSO plugin on one of our Kinsta sites, and it functions in such a way that it blocks all logins to the WP admin interface whenever that site is cloned to a different URL, such as either DevKinsta or Kinsta staging. On a clone, you get the SSO, screen and can login, but then you get redirected and your credentials are sent to the site you cloned from since that’s the URL in the SSO config , so you’ve got to either disable or reconfigure the plugin immediately after making a clone before you can login to the main WP admin interface.

As far as I’ve been able to tell, in DevKinsta, the only way to disable a plugin when you can’t use the browser admin interface is to run wp-cli commands. I don’t see that any of the various web tools from my.kinsta are available in DevKinsta.

On the live Kinsta site, I’ve written a shell script (in ~/bin) to handle some of the repetitive tasks that are required in our environment after a clone, The clone process in DevKinsta doesn’t seem to download this file. (unless it’s put somewhere other than where “docker exec -u www-data -it devkinsta_fpm bash” sends you). The backup and restore process to clone a site from Kinsta live to Kinsta staging does copy the script. Having the DevKinsta clone process copy other files that may be non-standard, such as this script (either by default or with an option that can be enabled/disabled) would also be nice.

Hi @Green-Fox!

Thank you very much for your feedback. I can certainly understand that it’s important to be able to quickly and easily access CLI tools when managing your site. I also can see how it would be very useful for DevKinsta to clone files outside of the standard paths it currently does. Additionally, I can see how having a interface within DevKinsta to be able to manage the plugins/themes installed on the site would be convenient.

I will be forwarding this feedback to our team so the may consider it when implementing these features in a future DevKinsta release.

Thank you again, we do really appreciate your feedback!

Best regards