Missing apps on server

I am trying to install the EWWW plugin on my DevKinsta local site.
After having to upgrade the MustHave Kinsta Plugin to get access to EWWW ( why can’t this upgrade be automatic? ) I am now stuck installing EWWW as it says the server is missing jpegtran, optipng, gifsicle.

Can these be included ?

Hi @alanj hanks for reaching out!
So we don’t automatically upgrade the MU plugin because it can directly affect your site; it’s always safer to manually update it than to have a “random” automatic update cause issues.

Are you using EWWW Version 6.3.0? I’m able to install it without those requirements on DevKinsta and Kinsta. It seems like it could be an issue with EWWW’s included binaries for those requirements and your operating system.

It works for me on Windows 10 Pro. What OS are you trying this on? EWWW has an article here on what manual steps may need to be taken on your end:

We can try to reproduce this on our end if you provide more information about your OS.

Hmmm ok. Not really sure what the MU Plugin does. But I updated it by downloading the new version and adding it to the file system ( after renaming the old versions folder ). This seems to have worked except it no longer shows as a Must Have plugin in the plugins list. It would also be better to just be able to manually click on upgrade from the Plugin list like every other plugin.

Yes I am using EWWW 6.3.0. It did install but as noted complained about the missing bits.
Oddly I installed the same plugin on a live site which has not had the MUplugin updated and that seemed to work, or at least I didn’t see any complaining messages. I was able to import that site to DevKinsta and all seems to be ok. So not seeing consistent results.

I’ll try and reinstall now that MU has been upgraded …

OS is Linux Mint 20.2 Cinnamon.


Yes, you’re right that would be useful. I’ll create an internal feature request for being able to "One-Click " update the MU Plugin.

So the main function of the MU Plugin is to handle the cache functions when your site is being hosted on Kinsta. It also detects when you are are using any banned plugins. The banned plugin list is hardcoded within the MU Plugin so that’s why updates are necessary.

Different sites may have different versions of the MU Plugin either due to manual updates or because when a new site is created the latest version of our MU Plugin is installed.

You can actually delete the mu-plugin when developing locally since there’s no caching within DevKinsta/there’s no reason for us to block plugins due to performance issues on your local environment. You would just need to add the MU Plugin back once you go Live on Kinsta.

You should be sure to add it under ~/wp-content/mu-plugins, though and not ~/wp-content/plugins in order for it to work as an MU Plugin.

Very odd that it’s so inconsistent. As far as I know the Mu Plugin shouldn’t affect any of those requirements. Very odd. I’ll test this if I can or at least keep on the lookout for similar issues.

Thanks for sharing and please let us know if more issues occur!