Need to add current user to "docker" group on Ubuntu


I’m trying out DevKinsta right now on Ubuntu 20.10. I downloaded and installed the .deb file successfully. I then launched it by running this command in the terminal:


After it installed docker-ce in the background, it attempted to start docker, but it wouldn’t work. Even running sudo service docker start didn’t work. I looked at the logs by running journalctl -u docker.service. After googling the error messages, I realised that I had to disable my VPN for docker to work.

After this, DevKinsta still couldn’t start Docker. I realised that I needed to configure Docker to be accessed without sudo. This is how I did it:

sudo groupadd docker
sudo gpasswd -a $USER docker

I then logged out and logged in again. I then ran:

sudo service docker restart

I then ran groups to check that docker was in the current user’s groups.

I then launched DevKinsta, and it started updating Docker images.

Hi @Flimm . Thanks so much for reporting on this and providing a solution to it! I’ve moved this over to bug reports and will keep you updated along the way.

You are a life saver!

Hi there
I installed DevKinsta for my Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS ,but I’m facing error DK0004 even though I checked and Docker is running!
I’d appreciate any help.

Found a solution here Need to add current user to "docker" group on Ubuntu
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Apologies for the trouble there @Hade !