Premissions problem with every site (FTP credentials required)

Q: Date/Time this occurred (Provide your time zone also)
A: 06.05.2022 GMT +3

Q: DevKinsta Version
A: Latest

Q: OS Version
A: Ubuntu 20.04

Q: Docker Desktop Version
A: 20.10.15

Q: Were any error codes or messages observed? If so, what were they?
A: FTP credentials required

Q: Detailed Description of the Problem
A: This happened on a new clean installation of DevKinsta on Ubuntu 20.04. So far I’ve tried setting up different permission setups (changing permissions to 775 and changing ownership to the current user/group) on the DevKinsta folder in home directory. Nothing works so far, and I am out of ideas.

Hi @nyxit, welcome to DevKinsta!

I know this was an issue in the past but it wasn’t shown up since the original fix. Can you please try this solution or any of the solutions in that thread?

Hi, thanks for your suggestion. I’ve tried this workaround, but I still get an error (attaching the screenshot below). I am pretty sure this is a permission problem with the files structure.

Screenshot from 2022-05-07 07-38-33

Was this the command you ran to change the permissions/ownership? I’m not sure what would cause the permissions to not update for you. Manually setting them should work. It’s strange that it isn’t. Are there any relevant errors in the site’s error.log? That would be in the DevKinsta/logs folder.

Okay, that solution worked. It was my bad running the permission changes directly in the home folder, and not through the docker container. Thank you for your help!

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