Publish current version

I’ve noticed that support questions almost always ask for the version of DevKinsta that you are currently using … but that info doesn’t seem easy to find.

So could it be added to the DevKinsta dashboard/control panel thing please? There is already a ? icon that takes you to the Help and Support pages, would make sense to add it here.

I have found it in /.config/DevKinsta/config.json



To add to this:

Please can you make the check for a new version to download use the actual version installed and the available version for the same OS on your servers?

I am constantly bothered by popups telling me that there is a new version to download - but there isn’t for my OS ( Linux ). There is currently no way to check what version is available for download, so you just have to download and then run the install - which obviously keeps failing as it is NOT a newer version but the same one I already have installed.