Pushing to staging times out

I set up a local dev site with DevKinsta, made some modifications, and then attempted to push it to my staging site. However, during the push, DevKinsta shows that it is attempting to transfer over 400GB to the staging site. When I check the actual size of all the files being transferred, it is under 40GB. The transfer ends up timing out and I’m assuming because it is trying to transfer 400GB of data. Why would DevKinsta attempt to transfer over 10 times the amount of data that should be transferred?

It times out while uploading the local site.

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I can’t upload more than one screen capture per post, so I’m including another screen capture of the actual size of the files as shown in Finder.

Screen Shot 2021-07-04 at 1.07.58 PM

Hi @jamesryancooper . I’m sorry for the issues there! It sounds like this may be related to a bug we had in the past here Site size is much bigger then it should - #14 by michael but it should have been solved from an update. Would you be able to provide us your main.log file found within DevKinsta?

I don’t see a main.log but there is a log file for the site I’m having the issues with. Let me know if you need something else.

onehappyhousewife-1_error.log (10.2 KB)
onehappyhousewife-1_access.log (464.8 KB)

Apologies for not telling you earlier where to find it! You can find it under /Users/{yourUserName}/Library/Logs/DevKinsta/main.log.

Here you go:

main.old.log (1024.0 KB)
main.log (247.6 KB)

@jamesryancooper Thank you for that! I’ve moved this conversation over to bug reports and will rely this over to our devs to take a closer look.

With the release of DevKinsta 2.2.0, this should now be resolved. If you continue to have issues, please create a new bug report here. Thank you again for using DevKinsta!