Recommendation for backing up a site

Hi, Are there any recommended ways to take a complete backup of a DevKinsta site - so that I can destroy the original. ( I have too many sites that are being worked on but need to clear space/resources to work on a new site. I don’t want to lose the current sites ). Something like Updraft is overkill as just need a snapshot really.
How would I then restore that to DevKinsta? Maybe create a new blank site and restore there? I assume there is no way to actually recreate the original site with all its DevKinsta settings?

Hi Alan, if you have Time Machine or some other automatic backup facility on your workstation, this can be used for backing up files. Alternatively you can take a manual backup from where sites are stored e.g. in users/username/devkinsta/public on mac.

You can also download database backups manually too, through the devkinsta app. Alternatively I like to use the WP Migrate DB plugin as it lets you change paths in the database in case you want to manually upload the database to your staging or production server (

At least some short-term solutions until this happens automatically! :slight_smile:

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Thanks. Yes I went for a file level backup of the DevKinsta folders in the end. Not sure how I’ll get any individual site back yet but a problem for another day. At least all the files/data are safe.
I use Linux and just a file copy was fine. I did try a couple of plugins. Duplicator just would not work at all. Updraft did work after a small tweak, but it really needs a premium license to work properly. Too expensive for my local needs.
Really does need a DevKinsta solution really.

I think to get a site back up and running you can create a new one with the same name etc, and then replace the new files with the your backup ones, and re-import the database. You would also need to update your wp-config with the new database password.

Good luck!

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Hi @alanj, @designlobby’s suggestions are great. I just wanted to add that we have an update coming this year that will allow you to import/create sites from ZIP archives. So hopefully that will be ready by the time you need to restore your sites!