Import from devkinsta (staging => Local)

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**A:**Windows 11

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A: No

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I have the following problem.

I work locally with Devkinsta.

I would like to have a local backup, a second version.

In devkinsta, when I create a new site and import from devkinsta (staging => Local), I encounter the following problems

  • It happened to me that the local version automatically redirects to the staging site despite the fact that it is the correct url entered in phpmyadmin (geturl, sitename, etc. …) and the Wordpress back office (site address)

  • Display problem (broken css)

  • It is not the same version (missing extensions, missing content, etc…). The site corresponds to a previous version and not to the current version

Did it happen to you? Would you have a solution to propose to me?
Is there a reliable solution to import a staging site to locale in order to have backups of my work in locale (staging => Locale)?

Thanks to you


Hi @bruno, welcome to DevKinsta!
What you are describing could be a caching issue. You shouldn’t run into that sort of issue with a normal Staging => Local transfer.

Please feel free to private message your Staging URL to me and I will check to see what the cause could be.

Hello Kevin,
Thank you very much for your help, it’s nice.

The staging url is: [hidden]

If you need any additional information, don’t hesitate to ask me.

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I saw that you are a member of the Kinsta staff.

I have created a back office access eventually to take a closer look if needed and if we have the possibility to discuss in private.


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Thank you Bruno.

Okay can you start from your Staging site then remove this line from your wp-config.php file? I believe it is only needed if you are using a multisite:

define( 'DOMAIN_CURRENT_SITE', 'staging-[site]' );

Then, can you deactivate all Plugins on Staging. After that please try Pulling the website from Kinsta Staging to DevKinsta.

Are the plugins all deactivated still? I’m trying to see if there is indeed an issue with the version of files/database.

Hello Kevin,
Thank you for your help.

I proceeded as follows:
1 - I deleted the line in the config.php file
2 - I deactivated all the extensions
3 - I imported the staging site from devkinsta
4 - Once imported, I am unfortunately redirected to the staging site instead of the local site, and the imported site does not correspond to the version

So this is unfortunately not solved.
Could you possibly have another solution for me?


Hello Kevin,
As mentioned this morning, the import of the staging to devkinsta is still not working.

Thinking about it, I can perhaps proceed in another way to make local backups of my site.

With a backup plugin that sends backups to Google Drive it could work like this:
Google Drive => DevKinsta => Site staging =>Site live

So, if I have a problem with my local site with DevKinsta, I can go back with my Google Drive backup. Do you get it? And that’s the main goal.

I really want to thank you for your time, it’s very nice.

One last little question if it’s possible and you don’t mind, in devkinsta, phpmyadmin, how to delete a database? Because indeed, the various imports, there are still databases, I would like to delete them, you know how to do?

Thanks in advance
Good day to you

Hi @bruno, thank you for the follow-up. I’m still not sure what is going wrong with the transfer. Please let me know if you would still like to troubleshoot this with us. There’s a chance something is wrong on the MyKinsta side if you are receiving a different version of your site.

But yes, you can do the transfer that way. I believe you could also use this plugin/process: How to Migrate to Kinsta with the WordPress Duplicator Plugin

So if you have no other websites in DevKinsta, you can actually just Clean/Reset Docker Desktop. This will delete ALL of the databases. When you start DevKinsta again, it will recreate the databases.

In DevKinsta, if you click on the “three dots,” you get the option to Delete the site as well which will delete the database

Those are the simplest ways to delete databases but please let us know if you run into any issues!

Good evening Kevin,
Yes indeed, there must be a problem with Mykinsta because it is not normal that devkinsta imports a different version. I’m willing to try to solve the problem if you don’t mind.

Another thing is that the local site is very slow. So it’s not easy.

Concerning the databases, I don’t want to delete all of them, just the ones that are not used and I don’t know how to do it.

@bruno, can you share a screenshot of where you are seeing the databases?

Does deleting the Site not delete the database for you?

If you want to do it manually, you would need to connect to the devkinsta_db container then manually drop the correct databases.

If you hover over devkinsta_db, you would need to click on “cli”

From here you would enter the command mysql -p

The database password can be found under Site Info for any of your websites in DevKinsta

It will look like this once you log in

In order to list the databases you can use the command show databases;

To “delete” a database you use the command drop database databasenamehere;

Hello kevin,
Thank you for these precisions.

I think it’s ok, only the database is needed.

Good evening Kevin,
My local develop site is push to the staging site.

On the staging version the site has good performance, it is fast.

On the other hand, in local, it is very slow. Would you have any advice to help me?

One question I have is that all PHP extensions are activated, is this normal? Does it slow down the site?


I specify that the computer is fast, it is not a problem machine

Hi @bruno, I’m closing this topic just to make things easier. I mentioned a few things in our private message but David also helped here: Site in local with DevKinsta very slow

Please feel free to reply to that thread with more questions/concerns