Site path restricted to C: in Windows

Hi Folks,

Nice product. Install took a few cycles.

Seem like the Site path option in the Settings screen only permits sites to be installed on the C: drive. I prefer to select this so that I can build my sites on a larger SSD sitting at S:.

Plans to incorporate this?

Windows 10 Pro | Build 19041.789


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Hi @CapWeb . Thanks for reaching out and welcome to DevKinsta. I’m afraid at this time only the C: drive is available. However, I’ve moved this over to the Feature Requests category to have our devs take a look at this as a possible future feature. Thanks so much!

+1 Would very much like to see this capability

Hi @dgilfillan, are you still unable to do this? I’ve found that I can switch to my external drives. This should have been fixed a while ago.

Please let us know if you’re running into an error with this:

I know this process can get blocked due to permissions issues with site files during the transfer.

Yes, unfortunately. It won’t even let me move it to a different folder on the C drive either!

The path showing is a little strange with the trailing forward slash?

Oh that is really weird; can you please create a new thread in Bug Reports? I’m guessing there’s a weird error happening because of that slash.

ok opened bug report now (I think) - see Site path restricted to C: in Windows issue

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