Slow WordPress Dashboard Navigation

I usually use LocalWP app and wanted to try DevKinsta to compare. After installing Docker and DevKinsta with all default settings, I created my first WordPress site. My first observation is the slowness of the system compared to LocalWP. I researched why and ended up seeing the same slowness with LocalWP if I replace MySql with MariaDB. So I wanted to replace MariaDB with MySQL in DevKinsta but it doesn’t offer it to me, I can only use MariaDB. It’s a shame it’s so slow, I’ll try again when DevKinsta allows using MySQL.

Hi @tilt, thank you for sharing this. I believe we use Mariadb to match what Kinsta sites use but I will mention your experience to our developers.

Hi, for your information, if you use php 8, it’s slow, if you use mariaDB 10, it’s slow. The best config is PHP 7 + MySQL 8 + nginx/apache

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