Stackable Hosting

Hi guys,

though being into some coding, docker things etc. over time, I am rather new to big data and Kubernetes… however I’d like to explore some applications around big data sourcing and processing, such as NiFi, Kafka, Druid, Superset etc.

For that I’d like to set up those via Stackable Data Platform (from, a curated selection of those applications)… however I’m not sure if Kinsta is the right place to do this as I don’t seem to get anywhere just by cloning the repos and trying to set those applications up… problem is especially that the docs are pointing to install and use an executable, stackablectl, which seems to work similarly to kubectl.

However, this does not seem to be the general way to set up applications on Kinsta services. So my question is: has anyone had experiences with Stackable or those apps and in general, is there a way to deploy these applications like that?

Thanks very much!

Hello @Monkeyface :wave: and welcome to Kinsta Community!

First of all, I’ve never heard/used that Stackable Data Platform (from - first time I heard just now and have no experiences with it, I’m sorry :slight_smile: .

I also just tried to search online and found this Stackable Doc (I supposed that’s what you’re referring to perhaps?) - and as I could see there , that requires to install kubectl and stackablectl things (as you mentioned) via command line interface, and unfortunately it’s not something that can be done with our Application hosting service.

With our Application hosting, users can deploy applications from the source code (that’s saved on their Git service provider: GitHub/GitLab/Bitbucket) right onto Kinsta infrastructure. Our system will then build an image (on Google Cloud) of the application from the code, and it knows what applications or modules to install for the application from the information in the buildpacks or the Dockerfile. The output is an image that can be turned into a container.
You may also want to check our doc here for our Application/Database infrastructure.

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