Support Linux of DevKinsta

Would love to try out DevKinsta however I use Linux. Currently using a System76 Lemur Pro which runs PopOS. That’s System 76’ version of Ubuntu. Would be amazing to have a Debian/Ubuntu compatible release of DevKinsta.


Thanks for the feature request, Austin! I have an Oryx Pro too and love it. :slight_smile:

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Is there is a planned ETA? I finally got to try out DevKinsta on a test Windows laptop. I really like what I’m seeing and could see myself using this as my daily WordPress development environment however not until there is a Linux release. Happy to beta test for you. :wink: :hammer_and_wrench:

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We don’t have an ETA at the moment but we’ll have more on this very soon :slight_smile:

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Going to “second” or “third” this one… Linux is king!


Is there any experience @here with installing Mac ver’ on Linux or Debian server? Kind of disappointed that there is not a DevKinsta release for Linux. Very disappointing is more like it. Wait, wait, no: extremely disappointing.

Hi @tradesouthwest . I’m very sorry for the trouble there! We hope to support Linux in the future.

I’m adding a third or fourth to this request. I just migrated a site to Kinsta from WP Engine and so far I love the performance boost but would really like DevKinsta to be available on Linux. Thanks.

Hi @matt_harris , welcome to the community! Thank you for adding your interest here as well, hopefully we will have some news to share about a Linux version in the near future :crossed_fingers:

Hi, thanks for making devkinsta!

I’m in for Linux also!

And because I can’t wait, I tried with Virtualbox on my Linux to install devkinsta on windows 10. Untill now no satisfying result. During install of devkinsta I get the error dk0032 about “wsl-2”.

Does anyone know the best thing to do? Or persist and install “wsl 2” on the virtual windows 10? Or stop trying because there are a lot known issues between Virtualbox and Windows about “wsl 2”?

Has anyone installed devkinsta in windows on virtualbox? If so, how did it work?

Thanks a lot.


Hi @Geert ! Welcome to DevKinsta! WSL 2 is an application required for setup and may need to be manually installed. It can be downloaded here . Here’s also more information on WSL2 . I’m not sure how that will function in virtualbox, however let us know how it goes!

Hi Melissa,
thanks for your response.
I tried but got an error when restarting the Virtual Machine / Windows 10. One of them worries me : “ensure virtualization is enabled in the BIOS.”. Because I’m working with VirtualBox I think that may be the bottleneck.
There are some known problems with VirtualBox and Windows.

Too bad! Time for a Devikinsta / Linux-release!

Kind regards.


I appreciate you getting back to us @Geert , though I’m sorry to hear it didn’t work out. Hopefully we will have more news about a Linux release soon :crossed_fingers:

I’m just here to say that me too is waiting eagerly for Linux support :slightly_smiling_face:

meanwhile I found Vagrant and installed it. Works like a charme for local wordpress installs. A bit complicated to install Vagrant, but it works. You can download it here : Downloads | Vagrant by HashiCorp. A guide is here : Install Vagrant | Vagrant - HashiCorp Learn
Good lucks

Good news everyone! We just released Ubuntu / Linux support! See here for more information. If you experience any issues or have any questions, please create a new post. Thanks everyone for the feedback here!

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