Ubuntu / Linux Release (v 1.1.x)

DevKinsta for Ubuntu/Linux is official!

Today, our development team released an official Ubuntu/Linux version of DevKinsta which can be downloaded here.

While specifically designed and built for Ubuntu, DevKinsta is also compatible with and works on other Linux distributions but not natively. If you’re using non-Ubuntu distributions, you’ll need to manually install Docker.

This update also brings some bug fixes and features to the current Windows version of DevKinsta, bringing it up to 1.1.x.


  • UBUNTU 20.04 support
  • Advanced logging
  • Added search into site push/pull
  • Added the ability to select which WP version to install under custom site creation
  • Display valid WP version
  • Display the application version ( under Settings > Software Update )
  • Updated Adminer config for handling large database exports
  • Added the ability to check the free space in a specified directory before setting that location as the project home.

Bug fixes

  • Emails no longer disappear on restart
  • Updated elements display
  • Fixed folder path on site-detail page
  • During retrying site creation, the error is now shown before
  • Added DB size calculation
  • Improved thumbnail generation
  • Fixed a non-working copy box
  • and a bunch of other minor fixes…