"This site can’t be reached", but adminer is still accessible

Hello @devstagr ,

Thank you for your reply.

I’m glad to hear that the routing issue is resolved now.

We are sorry that you had such an unsatisfactory experience with DevKinsta. As for the performance issue you’re reported, that issue (as any other) is something we are troubleshooting in the dark so to speak and relying solely on your main.log entries and feedback we get from you. We understand that this process has a lot of back and forth and we do thank you for your patience.

In regards to the slowness, this is not something every user has experienced although it has been reported a couple of times. I see you already tried some solutions but in most cases, completely uninstalling the DevKinsta and Docker Desktop and reinstalling it and/or making sure enough resources are allocated to both of them in terms of RAM and CPU has fixed the issue, based on users feedback.

While we are not specifically working on preventing the possibility for such an issue, we are now constantly working to making DevKinsta better in every aspect. I do hope that you will find the experience satisfactory again.

I noticed that you mentioned in the thread from July 2023 that you’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling DevKinsta and Docker but a version has been released since, and you might try that again (if applicable, since this process removes all sites’ data that are hosted locally on DevKinsta) and also check the allocated resources.

Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

Kind regards