HTTP 403 Error After Creation

Hey Forum.

Has anyone else experienced the 403 error after creating a new site?

I am able to access Adminer with no issues though so it’s not a host issue.



Hi Gabe,
Welcome to DevKinsta! Happy to help. Could you tell us a bit more about your setup? Are you running on MacOS or Windows? Are there any errors that appear during the creation of the site? Could you try restarting DevKinsta and let us know if that helps?

Hey Michael!

  1. I am currently running on Windows.
  2. Didn’t have any hiccups during the creation phase.
  3. Restarting DevKinsta now.

Will report back shortly. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Restarting DevKinsta did not fix the issue.

Does DevKinsta have an area within the product itself to get all troubleshooting information?

Good question. There are logs available and may help us in finding the issue. More information on that here. Anything in the WordPress error logs that may be pointing to where the issue might be?

Hi @gabe . Just checking in on how things are going. Has the new release of DevKinsta helped? Are you still experiencing this issue? I’ll be closing this thread here but if you’re still having trouble, please do feel free to create a new post. Thank you for checking out DevKinsta! :kinsta: