Train-wreck trying to switch to Hyper-V, back to WSL 2, all new sites 403 forbidden

I recently tried to switch Docker to Hyper-V mode instead of WSL 2 because WSL 2 is super slow. I understood that anything currently in DevKinsta would be inaccessible if I did that, but anything I created under Hyper-V mode would work thereafter.

Hyper-V mode created a lot of problems with permissions. I am not as technical as most here, but it was such a pain, I decided to delete all my sites, uninstall DevKinsta, uninstall Docker, reboot, and reinstall everything from scratch (Docker in WSL 2 mode).

Now that I’ve done that, every new site in DevKinsta throws a 403 forbidden nginx error when I try to load the [site-name].local in a browser.

This is with a fresh install. As an aside, it would be nice if DevKinsta had a “clean uninstall” that would remove everything it could as if your machine never had it installed in the first place.

Hi @Chevas, welcome to DevKinsta and thanks for reaching out.
So are the 403 errors under WSL2 the same as what you were getting with Hyper-V? I personally find Hyper-V easier to set up but I’ve also never had this issue with switching back and forth.

As a note, is seems like if you just uninstall Docker, it doesn’t necessarily remove past images/containers. I recommend deleting your sites then either Clean/Purge data or reset Docker to factory defaults

That will guarantee that DevKinsta recreates everything. I agree about needing a full uninstall option. For now the best we have are these instructions: Uninstall DevKinsta

Please let me know if nothing solves this for you and I’ll continue to assist you.

By the way, I finally got around to following this guidance and I was able to resolve the 403s. Recap:

I first did a data purge in Docker
Then I uninstalled Docker
Then I uninstalled DevKinsta
Then I followed the steps on the “Uninstall DevKinsta” link you provided which mostly involved deleting folders (Windows)

I then rebooted.

For the following, when given the choice, I always chose “only install for me” vs “all users”.

Then I reinstalled Docker in Hyper-V mode.
Then I installed the latest version of DevKinsta (which still detected registry entries), but so far so good.

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