Two different target sites?

Just wondering why I have two different target sites when I push changes from local to staging (both point to the staging site):

(due to the poor translation I have no idea what the first “fjernoprindelse” is supposed to mean - and I can’t figure out how to change language in the DevKinsta app either).

If I select the first (‘fjernoprindelse’) and push the changes they work fine, however, if I select the latter (GTS Nordic) and push changes I get an error code (DK0013).

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The language in DevKinsta defaults to your OS native language. To change this, you can open the Settings tab and you should see this option here:

If you uncheck that box, it will allow you to manually select your language :ok_hand:

To address your concern regarding the duplicate site entries, this may be explained through a better translation for what the first entry actually is. I believe the translation for “fjernoprindelse” corresponds to “Remote Origin”

In regards to the second entry, if you ever decide to create any additional sites within your company, GTS NORDIC, they will show up here in the list as potential destinations for the push.

In short, you’re seeing the site twice because the first entry, the origin, is naturally pinned to the top of the window and an array of site(s) within the target company exists underneath.

I hope that explains it! :slightly_smiling_face:

Moving forward, the (DK0013) error is something we may want to look into a bit closer :thinking: I was unable to replicate this on a test account.

Do you mind pming me a copy of your main.log? I’d like to take a closer look if you don’t mind! Troubleshooting - Error Codes - Kinsta® Docs


Hi @emilb!

I just want to provide an update and let you know we are continuing to investigate into this matter with our development team. We will be following up when we have more information to share. We do appreciate your patience while we complete our investigation.

If you do have any questions however please don’t hesitate to reply.

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Hi @emilb!

Thank you for your patience while we investigated into this matter further. After further review we do see that it looks like an issue occurs during the “enableMaintenanceMode” step.

We do want to determine if it’s possible that the site may have become stuck in maintenance mode, or at least appear to be in maintenance mode to DevKinsta. To confirm this, you may use WP-CLI to check the maintenance mode status. We have a help article here you may follow to access the correct container, and navigate to the public directory you can run WP-CLI from:

Once you are in the public directory following the steps in the article please run the following command:

wp maintenance-mode status

This will output the current maintenance mode status on the site. If it shows that maintenance mode is enabled, you may deactivate maintenance mode by running the following command:

wp maintenance-mode deactivate

After this, please attempt the push again.

If maintenance mode appears to be disabled on the site in DevKinsta, you may check the staging environment in MyKinsta as well. To do this you may login to the affected staging environment using SSH, navigate to the “~/public” directory and run the same WP-CLI commands above.

Please let us know what the maintenance status indicated was. Also, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you need any help with the steps, or have any other questions.

We look forward to hearing back from you!

Best regards