White screen when trying to run site after downloading from Kinsta

Good Day,

I have been using Dev Kinsta fine to bring sites down from Kinsta and all has worked flawlessly for months.

Now I’m trying to set up a new site on DevKinsta imported from Kinsta. It seems to import fine and I can’t see any errors in the log file, but I just get a white screen when I try and run it from the DevKinsta dashboard, or directly from the browser. The data base is all set up and the config file looks fine. No debug file from WP, even though I have debug on, so I guess not getting that far.

The only weird thing I see is during the import process it indicated that it’s expecting 2.51 GB but stops and asks for my machine password a 665 Mb. Still it looks like everything is in the directory.

I tried setting up a testing server for the same site at Kinsta, works fine. I also tried importing that but no go. I also deactivated all plugins and tried importing again.

Still no go. I’m stumped.

I have the logs so maybe you can see something in there that I can’t.


Here’s some more information that maybe useful:

When I run my other development site morganscloud.com from DecKinsta I get log entries but when I run the broken site, I don’t. Again, I have the log.


Hi @jharries :wave:

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I’m sorry to hear that you are facing issues with our DevKinsta tool. To better assist you, could you please send us a screenshot of the error page displaying the white screen error? Also, please try to import the site again to capture the latest entries in the log file. Once done, kindly send me the main.log file via private message. You can find the main.log file by clicking on the question mark icon at the bottom left corner of DevKinsta, and then selecting “Reveal log file in File Manager”. Thank you.

Hi Adrian,

Thanks for getting back to me. I will send the logs both for importing the site and trying to run it. On the white screen, that’s easy. It’s the browser screen when I t ry and visit the site I have downloaded and there is nothing on it. Just this HTML when I inspect it:

Ant the other important point is that nothing appears in the DevKinsta log when I run that site, but does when I run other local sites I have imported successfully.

Hi @jharries

Thank you for sending me the main.log data. I have checked the data and it appears that the DevKinsta Pull action did go through as you suspected. However, I noticed that the site is giving a 500 HTTP error. Upon further investigation, I found that the site uses Wordfence and has a file called “wordfence-waf.php” in the root directory. This file requires modification in Nginx, which was not copied over to Devkinsta Nginx config. To resolve the HTTP 500 error, also known as the whitescreen page, I suggest temporarily disabling the file by renaming it to “wordfence-waf.php.disabled”.

If you are still experiencing the same issue after, you may attempt to switch the PHP version and check if that triggers PHP to record any fatal error in the WP debug log file. Alternatively, you can create a downloadable backup of the website from MyKinsta and restore it in DevKinsta using the backup file. To do this, go to Create New Site > Custom Site > Import Backup.

Let us know how it goes!

Hi Adrian,

I tried changing the file name on the wordfense file and then deleted all word fence files, but still no luck. I had already tried importing after disabling all plugins on the source site, and that did not work either so I don’t think it’s a plugin issue. Next I will try downloading a backup as you suggest.

Hi Adrian,

I have another interesting clue to the issues: When I click on the folder icon in Devkinsta for the site that does not work, it takes me to whatever folder was last accessed in the finder, not the correct directory for the site. Doing the same think on the other three sites I have running in DevKinsta takes me to the correct folder.

And it gets weirder: the folder path on the Devkinsta screen for the site that does not work is correct, BUT when I click on it, once again I get taken to whatever folder was opened last in the apple finder.

Found it!

You were right about the wordfense issue. But just removing the files was not enough. I found the following line in the php.init:


Removed that line and all is good.


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I’m glad to hear that your local site is now working! Thank you for sharing the solution with our community. If you encounter any issues with our DevKinsta tool, we are here to help. :slightly_smiling_face:

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