Windows 10 Pro: DK0005 error

DevKinsta can’t pass through the DK0005 error:

Couldn’t create docker containers.

Although I clearly see DK containers in docker:

I’ve tried to install DK both globally (in C:/ProgramFiles/DevKinsta) and locally for a current user (C:\Users\slaFFik\AppData\Local\Programs\DevKinsta) - no difference.

DevKinsta v1.0.1. I’m on Windows 10 Pro 20H2. I have Docker Desktop 3.1.0 installed and working.

Docker was silently (without notifications) requesting access to directories inside C:\Users\slaFFik\DevKinsta\public and ...\kinsta etc path.
So I’ve opened Docker Desktop > Settings > Resources > File Sharing and added C:\Users\slaFFik\DevKinsta to the allowed paths, restarted docker, and Kinsta finally has started itself.

This fix also means that DK0005 error description on your site is not necessarily correct.


Thank you @slaFFik! We’ll update docs :slight_smile:

While you are here, @peterkota, could you please remove/raise the 3 posts-per-day limit for me?
Details here:

I have more bugs to report, but can’t because of that limit.

@jeff Can you check the rate limit please?

@slaFFik thank you for your helpful bug reports! :pray:

Sure thing! All fixed up.