Updated Devkinsta-Hangs at "Updating Docker Containers"

I updated DevKinsta to 2.7.0 and when I restarted it, it hangs at “Updating Docker Containers”
I waited with DevKinsta hung in this state for more than 10 minutes. I think that should be enough time to update containers.

I am on Windows 11 with Docker Desktop for Windows.

Hi @GECinAZ, thanks for reaching out!
Did you already try to close and restart DevKinsta?
Is your Docker Desktop version up to date?
What is the state of your Docker Containers while DevKinsta is starting up?

I closed and restarted DevKinsta a couple of times. Same thing happened. I also uninstalled DevKinsta and reinstalled a fresh version of it. Same thing. I also used "Reset to Factory Defaults"on Docker Desktop. Same result.
I’m at a loss as to what to do.

Can you screenshot the container page of Docker Desktop while DevKinsta is starting/when it stalls?
You can also private message your main.log file to me so we can I can check for error.

I successfully installed DevKinsta on a different Windows 11 machine starting from scratch. So on the machine I was having problems with, I uninstalled both Docker Desktop and DevKinsta and reinstalled fresh copies of both. Docker Desktop was successfully installed, but when I started DevKinsta it hung at “Downloading docker images. This may take a few minutes…” I’ve waited 15 minutes and NO Images are shown in Docker Desktop.
I guess I’ll have to give up on DevKinsta.

Any chance that something like this is the issue? > Windows 10 Pro: DK0005 error - #2 by slaFFik