Windows Local files

We have setup DevKinsta on a windows machine with WSL2 and the DevKinsta local files are saving to a location that we cannot locate on the machine - see screenshot.

Can someone help us find this as we have search the whole machine and cannot locate the files to work locally.

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In order to local that files to work locally on your Windows machine, you can open an explorer then go to this path:


(make sure to launch your Docker Desktop first - and the “Use WSL 2 based engine” is checked there)

Then, you will be able to access that path/folder from your explorer on Windows as shown on my screenshot below (that I took on my Windows 11 pro machine).


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Hi Angus

Thank you for your reply.
The documentation might need to be updated as it states that on a windows machine the DevKinsta folder is in the userprofile folder location, but is windows needs to use wsl2 for docker and this location the documentation should reflect that.

Thanks for your guidance its very useful

You’re most welcome! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback as well!
So that we can check and review this further, if there’s really need an update to our documentation, could you please share the URL of the exact documentation page in question (and also please let us know if you have any suggestion or notes, etc. to update that page?) - We will then will ask to our internal team to handle updates to that specific page in question.

I also tried to check on our DevKinsta knowledge base/documentation, but so far I could only find this specific doc/page which mentions about userprofile path/folder that’s used to store the main.log file / DevKinsta application log file:

The path to the application log file (main.log) varies slightly between operating systems.



note that, even without WSL2 being enabled in Windows, the main.log will still be stored under that path/folder above.

As I could see, it’s about the location where the local sites’ files/folders (and sites’ logs, nginx settings, ssl, etc.) to be saved - that’s setup in the “Site path” settings in DevKinsta.

If WSL2 is enabled, then the “Site Path” can not be changed and by default, it’s set to:

and if WSL2 is not enabled (uses Hyper-V instead, for example), then the “Site Path” location can be changed (by default, it would be stored/set to something like: C:\Users\the-user-name\DevKinsta)

Please do let us know if there’s anything needs to be updated/added to the documentation (as I mentioned/requested before) - so I can forward the request to our internal team to be checked/reviewed!


Hi Angus

Could this documentation be amended to state that if wsl2 is being used on windows that the file location will differ and how to find it?

I only found this out while setting this up myself as its not in the docs

Hey @bamboosupport :wave:,

can you please share the URL of the Documentation page you were referring to? We’d be happy to make changes to that if needed :+1: