Wordpress Version to install Custom Site has "No Data"

Total Noob

The DevKinsta.exe file has a version of

I am trying to use DevKinsta offline.
When I try and set up a custom web site (first one)
it has a location for “Wordpress Version”. If I click the down arrow, I see a message that says “No Data”

How do I install WordPress?

Thank You

Image below:
DevKinsta Custom

Hello @Alan_Segal and welcome to DevKinsta Community!

While DevKinsta allows you to run a site locally, it still relies on an active internet connection to be able to download the selected WordPress version as it doesn’t contain a copy of those in its bundle.
Once the site has been created and DevKinsta had the chance to download the requested WordPress version, you’ll be able to work in an offline mode.


OK, I didn’t realize that. Thank You!

You are very welcome!