Dev Kinsta Installs Empty Site

Mac OS: Sonoma
M3 Max Chip

I installed a fresh version of Dev Kinsta and Docker. When I try to create a new site locally it installs an empty site instead if installing wordpress. I have uninstalled and reinstalled everything as well and nothing seems to be working. Can you please help?

Please disregard. I guess if you are not logged into a kinsta account from Dev Kinsta it will not install wordpress. I logged in and now we are good.

Hey @mwalcott ! :wave:

I’m sorry that you were having trouble, but I’m glad you were able to sort things out!

What’s strange though is the fact that being logged in/out of MyKinsta shouldn’t impact the site creation process on DevKinsta. You should be able to install WordPress without actually being logged into your MyKinsta account.

We tested this process on our end but we weren’t able to replicate the behavior you described :thinking:

  1. If this is your first site in DevKinsta, click New WordPress site. Otherwise, click Add Site in the upper-right corner of the site list and select the New WordPress Site option.
  2. Fill in the Site Name, WordPress Admin Username, and WordPress Admin Password fields.

If you weren’t seeing this, you may have been unintentionally creating an Empty Site?

If for whatever reason this issue comes up again, or if you have any other questions let us know! Thanks for posting.