Wp cli returns two empty lines (no output)

Hi there,
I am using DevKinsta and as per

I have logged into the docker container and cd into my website directory and run wp plugin list
Unfortunately, it just returns me two blank lines.
No error messages. No output.
Could I get assistance?


Hi @Eddie_lim ,

Welcome to our community :wave:
Can you provide us with more information on how you’re trying to login to the container?

Are you trying to login via Docker directly?

If so, please try to login through your computer’s command line instead, like so:
docker exec --user www-data -it devkinsta_fpm

Here’s an example on my machine:

Once you’re there, try to navigate to the site’s folder through the command line and retry the “wp” command.

If that doesn’t work, it could mean that wp-cli is looking in the wrong folder.
In this case you can create a file with the name wp-cli.yml, and place it on the site’s root folder (from where you’ll run wp-cli, any directory below that).

Within that file, you’ll need to specify the relative path to the installation.

Here’s an example:
path: current/web/wp

If that is still showing you a blank output, try to move the plugins folder to a location below /wp-content/plugins (eg: to /) and try to run the same command again, as it could be a plugin preventing the output as well.

Please do let us know how it went.
Thank you in advance!