Update Error Page

I created a thread a couple days ago regarding the outage that was created by the issue in CloudFlare within which it seemed to be almost unanimously agreed that the error message that displayed in this case was severely inadequate. The topic (found here All of My Sites Are Down! - #19 by jamesgreenblue) was since closed with a description of why support wasn’t able to respond to anyone but did not address the issue with the error page. I think we all understand that some amount of downtime is an inevitable part of any hosting environment, but the error page is something that can and should be addressed.

Thanks @whbchris,

I forwarded on that original forum thread regarding the error that was shown to our development team leadership on Monday, though I didn’t mention it in my post. Our teams are looking into ways we can improve errors messages should we have issues with Cloudflare’s KV in the future.

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