One of my sites is down on desktop for some users but not others

I have also been getting messages that the same site has a database connection error. I can see no issues on my end, the site loads fine for me. Other people can access on mobile but not on desktop. I have cleared all caches and restarted php but to no avail

Hey @Donalt welcome to Kinsta Community!
If your query is related to a site hosted in Kinsta I’d recommend reaching out to our support via chat from MyKinsta. Our team will be happy to investigate the issue with you :+1:


We had the exact same issue with one of our sites for a while the other day. We did all the standard troubleshooting and it seemed to resolve itself. My suspicion was part of cloudflare was offline or part of Kinsta for whatever reason. It’s the only thing I can think is that someone was offline. Hope yours resolved as well

Hi @websitegenii! :wave:

I’m glad the issue subsided for you, though I’m sure it was frustrating enough to deal with at the time. If you’re ever hard stuck with troubleshooting, feel free to reach out to our Support team for assistance – especially if you believe the issue may be related to downtime/outages upstream. Our Support team should be able to confirm whether or not that is the case and link you to our Status Page for updates.