Allow rename of the site in Devkinsta

Could you add the ability to rename a sitename that is used within DevKinsta?

I have created a couple of sites, imported from Kinsta, to test different issues. At the moment they get site names such as and
I’d really like to be able to rename these to better reflect the issue I am testing. As this name is not related to the website at all just DevKinstas identification of it, hopefully it is easy?

Oh trying to open the newly created xxx(1) site fails. lol maybe other issues here.

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Great news @alanj, the newest version of DevKinsta now allows you to rename your sites! Please let us know if you run into any issues with this feature!

Hi, would be great except I can’t seem to download and install the new version.

If I start DevKinsta it tells me there is a new version and a link to download it.
I download it and try to install the .deb package … but it tells me that it is trying to install the same version 2.3.0-2182
Tried again using the Devkinsta page - same result.
Reinstalled anyway … nope same old version is installed.

So where do I find 2.4 please?


Hi @alanj, thanks for pointing this out! It looks like we didn’t update the .deb package. I’ll have our devs fix this and let you know as soon as it’s sorted.

HI @alanj, version 2.4.1 has been released and we’ve verified the correct .deb version. Please let me know if you still run into any issues.