DevKinsta to Namecheap


Can anyone give an insight on how to deploy my Wordpress website from DevKinsta to Namecheap?

Hey @John , welcome to DevKinsta community!

DevKinsta allows you to pull/deploy only from/to environments hosted in Kinsta.
If you wish to migrate a site built in DevKinsta to a different hosting you will need to migrate it manually. This can be done with the use of a site migration plugin like Duplicator, here’s our guide on how to use it. Alternatively, if you wish to migrate your site manually without the use of a plugin, you will need to:

  1. Export a copy of the database through the Database manager in DevKinsta and import it into the new host
  2. Upload the files of your site via SFTP to the new host
  3. Use WPCLI to run a search and replace to replace the .local domain to what you desire to use.