Best way to migrate to other server?

Hi there,

I have another question about using kinstadev.

Before I’m deep in it, but don’t know how to move on.
I’m trying out all the features so I know how everything works.

At the moment I am unable to make an export of my website, which I can import on another (Non kinsta) host.

I normally use WP all in one migration, but I know it doesn’t work well on Kinsta.
Duplicator also does not want to export my (test) website.

What easy options are left then?

I’m not hugely technical, mainly designer. But for reasons I now want to do this locally. It must therefore be easy to migrate websites.

Love to hear your best tips :slight_smile:


Hey Laura :wave:,
While the ‘All-in-one WP migration’ plugin is not allowed in Kinsta, you are free to use it in DevKinsta so you can give it a try. Alternative to it like you mentioned is Duplicator but there’s also MigrateGuru.
If you wish or are in need to migrate your site manually without the use of a plugin, there’s a more technical process that you can follow. In this case, you will need to:

  1. Export a copy of the database through the Database manager in DevKinsta and import it into the new host
  2. Upload the files of your site via SFTP to the new host
  3. Use WPCLI to run a search and replace to replace the .local domain with what you desire to use.