How to upload to site not hosted on Kinsta?

I’d like to try Devkinsta for sites I’m hosting at Inmotion. No disrespect for Kinsta, but that’s been a good host for me.

It’s not clear if that’s straightforward, especially if I’m not using a staging site. (In one sense, I’d be using devkinsta to set up a staging site on my home machine.)

Will this work for me?

Hey @daveburstein,

I think the easiest way to pick up a migrator plugin and just export your site from DevKinsta. :slight_smile:

Here is a tutorial about WordPress Duplicator plugin: How to Migrate to Kinsta with the WordPress Duplicator Plugin

(I’d also recomment All-In-One WP migration plugin: All-in-One WP Migration – WordPress plugin |

If you wouldn’t use any plugin you can do that:

  1. Export your database through Database Manager in DevKinsta
  2. Upload your WP files to your host
  3. Import database
  4. Run WP-CLI search & replace

Hope it helps :slight_smile: