Built-in DNS server (for mobile testing)

Currently, I run a small DNS server on my development machine to resolve development domains on my devices.

It would be super awesome, if DevKinsta included such a DNS server! :slight_smile: It could be either a separate Docker container that we can manually start/enable in the settings, or added to the existing devkinsta_fpm container.

The DNS server should resolve all websites currently created in DevKinsta.

There are many details on how to set up a DNS server using the Bind9 server (which is the only one I’ve used so far).

Note: For mobile testing on iOS devices, we first need an option to choose a TLD that’s different from .local

Note: If there’s a way for me to contribute a plugin/add-on/etc for DevKisnta, I’d be happy to integrate such a DNS server. Just point me to relevant documentation on how to submit that module

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+1 for this

Phillip, any chance to document how you did it? it will be very helpful