Can't Create MySQL Dump -- DK0029

Q: Date/Time this occurred (Provide your time zone also)
A: 04/16/2024

Q: DevKinsta Version
A: 2.13.2

Q: OS Version
A: Windows 11

Q: Docker Desktop Version
A: 4.29.0

Q: Were any error codes or messages observed? If so, what were they?
A: DK0029 Can’t Create MySQL Dump

Q: Detailed Description of the Problem
A: When I try ‘Import from Kinsta’ to pull down my live or staging site, it fails with the above error. Looking at main.log, I see that it gets a ‘Connection refused’ when it attempts to ssh to my site. The IP address it is using is different from the one on MyKinsta.

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Hi @mcd :wave:

Welcome to the Kinsta Community!

Regarding your concern, this could indeed be a bug. But we may have a workaround that you could try to resolve this issue.

If you’re familiar with using Terminal, the following command should fix this error:

docker exec -it devkinsta_fpm /bin/rm /root/.ssh/known_hosts

Please let us know how this one goes.

Best Regards,

Daniel O.
Kinsta Staff

That command gives me this:

/bin/rm: cannot remove ‘/root/.ssh/known_hosts’: No such file or directory

I can confirm that it does not exist inside the docker container.

Hi @mcd,

If you haven’t already, please close or quit both the DevKinsta and Docker apps completely. After that, relaunch DevKinsta and try the pull action again. If the issue persists, please share a copy of your DevKinsta raw main.log file with me via private message. To locate it, click the question mark icon at the bottom-left corner of DevKinsta, and select “Reveal log file in File Manager”. We’d like to take a closer look at why the DK0029 error is occurring.

We look forward to hearing back from you. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @mcd,

Thank you for sharing your main.log file with me. I have reviewed the log and found that the site you are trying to import into Devkinsta is not a standard WordPress installation. From the file structure, it appears to be built using Bedrock. Unfortunately, the Devkinsta pull/push action works best only with standard WordPress installations. However, you can try the suggested workaround from Kevin to get the pull action to work. Here’s the link: Import WordPress/Bedrock host on Kinsta to DevKinsta

I hope this information helps you.

Doh. I forgot about this from when I first published my site a few years ago. Disappointing that Bedrock is still not supported. I think I’ll drop Devkinsta and build my own local environment instead. Thank you for for helping me out.