Choose table prefix on site creation

Hello !

Just as the title says, not really big feature but avoid the mistake of changing table prefix in wp-config.php before importing a website in production (using bash script) which has its own.

Hello again @dw4y

Thank you once again for your feature request suggestion and feedback.
I will also pass this on to our internal devs team so they can check/review this request, and see if it’s something that can be implemented in the future. Again we can’t promise anything yet :smiley: (and as I mentioned before that when new feature(s) is/are available, we will announce it with the new DevKinsta version release ).


Hey @dw4y, just to clarify, your feature request is regarding being able to choose the database prefix of a new site you are creating in DevKinsta, or about being able to change the DB prefix when importing a site from Kinsta to DevKinsta?


Yes it’s just when creating a website so the tables have the right prefix when importing an external SQL.
Not after install, which is a personnal problem :slight_smile:

Thank you for the reply/clarification :slight_smile:
Will update our internal devs team about it (which I submitted already yesterday!).