Is there a way to change tables prefix in database?

In devKinsta I can change my WordPress site’s database name and username. But there is no way to change the perfix for each site.

Sometime I will need this functionality to deplpoy more than one sites to an environment with only one database. This needs different table perfix for each site.

Please add this very useful option in devKinsta in the later version.

Many thanks!

Hi @mbird1981 How are you?

Currently, this functionality isn’t supported yet through DevKinsta, and changes must be made manually if you wish. However, I will submit this as a feature request to our development team for future consideration. We can’t promise anything but if it’s available, we will announce/post it on our community forum. I understand the need for changing the table prefix directly in DevKinsta, especially when deploying multiple sites in a single database environment.

Also, it is not possible to change the site’s database name and username in my DevKinsta either. It will use the default values.

We appreciate your input.