Cloning Times Out

They just time out (AllInOne - which I also edited to remove from the mu plugin locally) and Duplicator just says it can’t complete. I’ve done big sites before (this one has ~15gb media library + big ecomm store), and haven’t had issues with them like this.

Is there a recommended reliable clone plugin you know of that does work with DevKinsta?

Hi @sonicviz . I hope you don’t mind. I moved your post over to a new thread as this issue/question isn’t directly related to Xdebug.

As the site is local on your computer anyway, I recommend not using a plugin to migrate the site. Compress your site directory on your computer for an archived version of all your files. From there, all you’ll need to do next is export the database via the Database Manager.

If you do wish to use a plugin, you may need to increase the timeout of PHP.