More robust recovery options needed for cloning


I have a large client site (~19gb) I’m trying to clone for local development.
Initially I’ll clone it with DevKinsta, then use WP Migrate DB Pro to do incremental push/pulls because DevKinsta doesn’t support that.

Well, I would, if could get the site cloned.
I’ve done it before, but this was a clone of a fresh staging from live site so I had to do the whole thing again.

Unfortunately, it got to 19GB downloaded at 60% done and then just sat there for hours with the progress circle doing it’s thing. Closed it, started again, and it opened up saying site wasn’t complete, and it started cloning it again at the same point…but then decided to download the 19GB from the beginning again. That’s kind of ridiculous that there is no file or progress checking to avoid that.
It’s extremely wasteful of both time and bandwidth.

Is it possible to make DevKinsta a little more robust when it hangs and has already downloaded the site?

Hi @sonicviz ! Welcome to DevKinsta :slight_smile:

I’m sorry for the issues here. At the moment we don’t have another method but we’re continuing to improve this. Please feel free to share in our feature requests category as well!

I’ve tried multiple times not. It downloads what seems to be most of the site, then just hangs.
Shows a message that site setup was interrupted, retry - and then just hangs again with little internet activity showing on the Windows task manager. Very frustrating, you can’t see what is going on to try and resolve it.

If you kill and restart DevKinsta it shows “Creating site interrupted DK0030” and then the same result with retry, it just hangs.

Hi @sonicviz :wave: I understand that must be frustrating! We have our dev team working on improving the process when it comes to larger sites, though at the moment we don’t have an option for resuming partial downloads, apologies. That is a great feature request though :pray:

Edited to add that we just released a new minor version and while it doesn’t have partial resume it does introduce some improvements that might help stabilize the download process if you wanted to give that a try!

Hey Melissa,

Thanks for the update.

I also talked to support about a related cloning issue and had that conversation linked, as it may provide some useful context and replication info to track down what is the possible cause.


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Hi @sonicviz . We’ve recently released 2.2.0 of DevKinsta that may have fixed this. Could you give it a test and let me know if that helps? It should update automatically, but can also be downloaded directly here.

Will do, thanks for the continued improvements!