Error downloading remote site when syncing

I keep getting the same error while syncing my local site to mirror my live site.

It happens at around 5GB out of ~6GB. I’ve tried 5 times and always get the same result.

I found similar topics on here and they say to look in main.log but I don’t see any main.log in my logs directory. Can you help me find the log file and troubleshoot?

Hi again Ryan :slight_smile:

You may want to check this knowledge base: DevKinsta Error Codes - Kinsta® (on how to access the main.log file ).

Once you found it, you may open it with any text editor and see if you can find anything about timeout or rsync . If you’re experiencing any issues with it, you can send (DM to me) your main.log file .

I’ve seen similar case like this (Something bad happened) when processing to download the files from the server to local computer and failed/timed out. This step uses rsync as a tool to share files, so anything that can cause rsync to fail can be the root cause of this issue (rsync can have issues with slower or unstable connections).

Please also check your site’s folders and see if there is/are single large file(s) on the server that are not really necessary for your site to run (or to be transferred to your local computer), and see if you may want to delete those large single files (that will also help to reduce the site size). Sometimes sites have leftover large .zip , .sql files or backups that don’t necessarily need to be transferred. After that, please try to sync again and see if the site’s files can be transferred completely.


I see, main.log is in /Users/<username>/Library/Logs/DevKinsta on OSX.

Yes, I do see the rsync timeout errors. I ended up deleting the local site and re-importing it from Kinsta which works fine. It’s odd that there is no rsync timeout when doing that but there is when syncing an existing local site. Oh well, it’s faster to delete and re-import anyway because then it doesn’t waste time unnecessarily backing up the old local site I’m trying to replace.

Yup, glad that you found the main.log file inside that subfolder on your Mac :+1:

Thank you for your update Ryan!
Yeah, it’s indeed odd and I’m not sure either why the rsync worked just fine when you just deleted the local site and re-imported the site. Right, that seems to be a faster way to achieve it (and I’m happy that method worked for you)! :smiley:


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