Database - form entries


I started using DevKinsta and I like the ease of push / pull. However, I made a mistake some days ago where I had written blog posts locally, and I wanted those to be pushed to live as well with other changes to the front end, so I checked the “database” option as well.

Today I realized that a bunch of form entries were missing in Gravity Forms. Which makes sense, since there are no form entries on local, and it pushed the entire database.

Is there any way I can find those form entries, or are they lost forever? And in the future, are there ways to be more selective about what I push when I select “Database”… Ideally I would like to exempt all plugins and only push posts…

Hello @emilb

Sorry to hear about the trouble.

There’s no way to do a selective database push at the moment. It’s something I believe we have as a feature request but no ETA.

To focus on the issue, you can restore a backup of the live site on staging that contains what you need, extract the database and import only what you need. Or simply use the daily backup to restore to a point where the lost data was still in the database (that would overwrite everything after the backup was taken though).

Let me know if this answers your question
Kind regards