Deleting a Site on Ubuntu Doesn't Remove Files

Hi there
I’ve deleted sites via DevKinsta app, yet their folders are still there in “public” folder within DevKinsta. No option or ability to delete them and clean “public” folder. I’m in Ubuntu 20.04.2 LTS.
How can I delete them?

Hey @Hade . Thank you for reporting this. I just tested this and does appear to be a bug that removing a site on DevKinsta with Ubuntu does not remove the files as well. You’ll need to navigate to the public folder manually on your system and delete the directory inside the public directory. You can find it over at ~/DevKinsta/public/yoursite.

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Thank you Michael!
That’s what I’ve been trying to do. I can’t. The only files that can be deleted are the “site” wp installation files within that specific stile folder. The folder itself can’t be deleted nor its name can be changed. I ended up now with a bloated “public” folder with many unnecessary sites setting there!!

:thinking: Are you seeing any errors trying to delete that directory?

None. I just can’t delete them. The options “cut”, “move to” and “rename” are all grayed out!

Hi @Hade . It sounds like a permission issue. You may need to change ownership of that directory to delete those files. Check out this guide here: Right clicking a file, Can't delete files/folders, no option to delete. - Ask Ubuntu