After restoring the site paths folder, all sites are missing

I have a problem with the site path folder in DevKinsta. So it’s about the folder configured in the settings of DevKinsta, in which all the WordPress installations are stored. This folder is stored on a cloud storage in my case.
Well today I had a problem with my cloud storage and unfortunately some files got corrupted, so I had to restore a backup of that folder. Unfortunately DevKinsta now no longer recognizes the WordPress installations. The path is identical, all files were restored. However, the restored backup is a few days old. If I open DevKinsta now I can only create or import a new site, all existing sites are missing. Is there any way to restore the sites and load them back into DevKinsta? I hope you can help me, otherwise I may have to rebuild some client projects from scratch.

Hey @Marius :wave:,
If needed you can import the sites in DevKinsta manually as explained here.
You will have to manually move the wp-content folders and the databases


Thanks for the quick response! In which file directory can I find the databases of the sites created in DevKinsta? I have searched all the files in my directory. The folders “kinsta”, “logs”, “nginx_sites”, “private”, “public”, “ssl” and “wp” do not contain any databases as far as I can tell.

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The databases are saved inside Docker’s Volumes, you should still be able to access those if the Volumes haven’t been touched. If you are familiar with the terminal you can check inside Docker’s devkinsta_db container.

Please let us know if you need more detailed steps :crossed_fingers:


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