DevKinsta keep showing error cannot resolve host

Could not connect to activation server (cURL error 6: Could not resolve host:

I keep getting these kind of errors whenever I need to connect to some external host.
This is just one of the hosts cannot resolve. Others are google apis, ontraport api.
I have to manually map the IP to host in devkinsta_fpm /etc/hosts file.

Anyway to resolve this so I don’t have to map it all the time because whenever the Docker is getting update that /etc/hosts file is overwritten to the default and I need to enter things again?

Hey @martinjankov welcome to Kinsta Community!
This has happened to me once, restarting the fpm container fixed the issue, in my case for some reason Docker wasn’t able to resolve any domain.
Have you tried that already?


@Alessandro I tried that, but no success.

When running this command in the fpm container, what do you get as output?

cat /etc/resolv.conf