Transferring DevKinsta site


Now that my DevKinsta site is set up on a MacBook Pro (MacOS Monterey), what is the best way to transfer it to another MacBook Pro computer, running also under MacOS Monterey ?

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Hi @jazzyguy Thank you for reaching out to us on the forums!

The quickest way to transfer a site from one DevKinsta installation to another would be to do it though a MyKinsta site installation. To do this, you would need a managed WordPress subscription. If you already have a managed WordPress subscription with Kinsta you may login to your MyKinsta account within DevKinsta and sync your local site to Kinsta. You may find more details about how to push the local site to a staging environment in the link below:

Once that process has been completed you will be able to login with your MyKinsta account on your new DevKinsta installation. Next, on the new DevKinsta installation you can choose the option to add a site and import it into DevKinsta. Our help article also contains step by step instructions you may follow on how to import the site:

However, if you do not have a managed WordPress subscription with Kinsta then you will need to perform the transfer manually. There are several options to do this including using a plugin, or manually exporting the files and database and then importing them into a new DevKinsta site installation.

To transfer the site files and database manually you can access the database manager on the existing site by launching DevKinsta >> Navigate to the site you want to transfer >> Select the “Database manager” button. This will launch Adminer where you can choose the option to export the database. You may find a screenshot below that shows where you can locate this option:

Once you have chosen to export the database ensure that the output option is set to the save selection. Next select the “Export” button which will allow you to save a .sql file which contains a copy of the database.

Now, you can transfer both the site files and the database backup over to the new computer and DevKinsta installation. The site files can be located under /Users/YOUR_USERNAME/DevKinsta/public/REPLACE_WITH_SITE_NAME

Once you have copied over the site file directory to the /Users/YOUR_USERNAME/DevKinsta/public/ path on the new computer you can create a new site installation within DevKinsta. Once the new site installation has been created you may access the database manager to manage this new site’s database. The first thing you will do in here is drop the existing tables of the new site. Then, you’ll import the .sql file you transferred over earlier. This should get the database setup on the new site.

The last step will be to update the NGINX configuration on this new DevKinsta site installation to match the domain name and path of the existing site. These settings can be updated using the NGINX editor. A screenshot can be seen below showing how to access this editor after selecting the site name from the DevKinsta home page:

This should complete the transfer process and allow you to access the site on your new computer!

Please let us know if you have any questions about these steps, or need anything clarified. Also, if any issues occur along the way please don’t hesitate to reply and we will be happy to further assist!

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