Installing DevKinsta hangs with DK0006 couldn't download docker images

When installing DevKinsta and launching it (while Docker Desktop is already running) I get the DK0006 error saying it can’t download docker images.

I already looked at other posts about this, but none of the solutions there worked for me. Here’s what I looked at:

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  2. Updated to 2.11.0 and now get DK0006 Couldn’t download docker images

Docker Desktop: 4.25.1 (128006)
DevKinsta: Version 2.11.0 (

How do I go about diagnosing the issue further?

Thank you!

Definitely make sure you have stopped both DevKinsta and Docker completely. Both of them run in the background. DevKinsta can be changed in the settings to completely stop when you exit. That is how I have it now, to avoid these issues.

Thank you. Docker Desktop was running when I launched DevKinsta for the first time. I also completely shut down Docker Desktop and ran DevKinsta first. Same issue after DevKinsta started Docker Desktop. I’m not able to get to DevKinsta settings as the app doesn’t fully load due to the error.

Can you delete all the DevKinsta docker images manually? I remember doing that once

There are no images, containers, networks or anything in Docker. DevKinsta doesn’t get far enough to create any and looking at the Docker Dashboard, there are none.

Maybe you should complete uninstall and reinstall Docker

Docker is a fresh install already. I’m not sure what reinstalling it would accomplish.

Fair enough.

Have you found the main.log in DevKinsta under Help > Reveal Log Report?

Yeah, I have that file. Here’s the attachment…
main.log (186.8 KB)

It seems to be this:

Error: failed to register layer: error creating overlay mount to…

I do not know that error, but I would pursue it.
Perhaps look here: Docker Error Creating Overlay Mount | Available Fixes
Also consider contacting Docker specific support.

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I ended up completely uninstalling and cleaning out my Docker Desktop install. Took a while to find all the different config files everywhere in the system. But I did that and then installed Docker fresh again. For whatever reason that ended up working. Not a great solution for anyone in the future following along on this topic, but that’s what ended up working. Even though my Docker install originally was fresh, the complete and thorough uninstall of it and reinstall did the trick. Frankly, not happy with this solve because it doesn’t offer an explanation, but it did work.

@Aporia Thank you for the time you spent and guidance. I very much appreciate it!

Docker remains a little elusive for me. There is a lot going on under the program, that seems to make a big difference. I have recently been trying to improve the performance of it, since my Kinsta sites are large. Still working on.
Also DevKinsta’s sync has major issues. I am trying to develop a solution to sync from my own files, rather than use the DevKinsta sync

Yeah, I have a lot of experience with Docker, so I was surprised to see this complete reset be the requirement to solve the problem. I guess it makes sense on one level, while also being something that really should not have been required at the same time :slight_smile:

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