Disabling 'Remove Set-Cookie Header' through API

While trying to automate creation of new WordPress websites through pipeline, I’ve encountered that Disabling the option to Remove Set-Cookie header isn’t available in any other way other than doing so manually.
Referring to

I’m seeing that ‘Enabled’ is the default setting for newly created websites and I’d like to be able to change it through API call (and giving my clients the option to manage this setting themselves).

I’m not sure whether the best option is through API or CLI, or if it’s even possible, But as far as I’ve seen there isn’t any option given (though other tools setting changes can be dome though API).
Am I missing something? Is there any workaround to do it?
Can this be added as an option?

Hi @Shay_O ! :wave:

Thank you for your suggestion!

Currently we do not have an API endpoint for this; however, I have gone ahead and added this as a feature request with our teams.

If you do have any other such requests, please let us know.