DK0006 -- Couldn't download docker images

Hi there, I’m getting this error constantly today and it’s preventing me from doing any work. I’m on a mac (ventura 13.3.1). My Docker is up to date (version 4.30.0). I’ve reset my router, done internet speed tests and I’m pretty sure my internet connection is not the issue. I’ve restarted several times as well but nothing seems to help. Can you assist please?

A solution from this post has solved the issue - DK0006 Couldn't download docker images

First, run the following command in terminal after shutting down both Devkinsta & Docker:

sudo ln -s "$HOME/.docker/run/docker.sock" /var/run/docker.sock

Dunno what this does but it allowed me to launch Devkinsta without any errors.

Next, I went into Devkinsta settings and changed the ports to 80 (http) and 443 (https).

Once all this was done, it appears everything is back to normal and I can view & work on my sites locally.

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