How to change the site location of a single site?

It is currently gray and cannot be modified.

Hi @godwu2846 and welcome to Kinsta Community!

You can change the site’s location in DevKinsta’s main settings, however, the location must be the same for all the sites as you can’t change it for a single site.


This is too inflexible @Alessandro

At the moment that is not possible, however, I am more than happy to pass your idea as a feature request to the team.
They will review and discuss the ways and means of it and see if it can be implemented one day👍

Is it difficult to have such a simple function?

Hi @godwu2846,
I am not part of the dev team so I can’t really tell how difficult making this change would be. Each new feature requires research, coding, testing, etc. We do have an internal roadmap for DevKinsta where features are added depending on how many times have been requested, how difficult it is to add those etc, but I’m afraid I can’t really comment on if these will ever be added or when.


Thank you very much. I hope the development team can see this issue

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