ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE in local environment

Hello all,! :blush:

I’ve been working on managing my local site, and everything was running smoothly until today.
I’m encountering this error: ERR_EMPTY_RESPONSE. I’ve attached the log files from the devkinsta_nginx for reference.

Despite trying all the solutions mentioned in this topic, none of them have resolved the issue.

If anyone has insights on how to solve this, please let me know. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

devkinsta_nginx.txt (16.5 KB)

Hello @Lam_Dinh ,

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Thank you for all the info that you’ve shared here.

Can you please tell me if you’ve added any custom NGINX configuration for your site?
Do you have more than one site in Devkinsta and are they all presenting this issue?

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