Error after download site from Kinsta

I have downloaded my site from the Kinsta dashboard to DevKinsta, but when I open wordpress in order to edit and work on the site locally, several ‘Warnings’ appear in relation to the server and the site header.
One is: “Warning: An unexpected error has occurred. There is something wrong with or the configuration of this server. If you continue to have problems, please ask for help on the support forum. (WordPress cannot establish a secure connection to Please contact the server administrator.) in /www/kinsta/public/blogdemo/wp-includes/update.php on line 449”
And the second one is: “( ! ) Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /www/kinsta/public/blogdemo/wp-includes/update.php:449) in /www/kinsta/public/blogdemo/wp-admin/admin-header.php on line 9”

Has anyone had the same problem and can give me a solution?

Hello Chiara :wave:

Can you please post a screenshot and your main.log file from DevKinsta so we can review the issue?

Also, please let me know the operating system/version and DevKinsta version you are using.


(here’s how to obtain the main.log file Troubleshooting - Error Codes - Kinsta® Docs)

Hi Vladimir!
DevKinsta Version >
OS Version > Windows 11 Enterprise - Version 22H2
(main.log redacted)

Hi @chiara

I have reviewed the main.log file but didn’t find any conclusive entry that explains why the site is throwing those two warnings. Based on the screenshot you shared, it seems that the site is unable to reach I suggest that you try loading the URL directly from your browser to confirm whether is accessible from your computer.

To further investigate those warnings, can you please provide me with the access.log and error.log files of the site via private message?

You can find them in this folder: C:\Users\[yourPcName]\DevKinsta\logs.

Looking forward to hear back from you.

Hi Adrian,
I can’t find the files you asked for, I don’t have this path \DevKinsta\logs, I have a logs folder but the path is this one “C:\Users\c004\AppData\Roaming\DevKinsta\logs” and there aren’t the files you asked for.

Hi @chiara!

Thank you for your reply! Under the directory you provided do you see any additional folders such as a directory named public? Also, please try enabling WP_DEBUG on the site so we can try and see if we can get a debug log generated. Our help article provides instructions on how to enable WP_DEBUG here: Troubleshooting - Logs and Debugging - Kinsta® Docs

Let us know if you need any help with these steps! We look forward to hearing back from you!

Hi Andrew,
I see what the problem is! Using a company computer there is a firewall that restricts certain sites and thus creates the problem, trying it with a personal computer the problem does not exist! Thank you all very much!

Hi @chiara!

Thank you for the update! I’m happy to hear that you were able to resolve the issue!

If you do need any assistance in the future please don’t hesitate to post again on the forums!

Best regards

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